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AQI is dedicated to helping individuals and organizations create a culture of prevention, an environment where the right things are done right the first time, every time.  By so doing, customers and stakeholders are well served while the organization operates in the most efficient, effective manner possible.


AQI was founded and is staffed by leaders in the quality industry.  Our experience in working with organizations of every type and size around the world provides AQI with a unique perspective on what has and is helping organizations achieve their quality objectives.  This perspective enables us to evaluate the training, testing and certification that will best suit the needs of our clients and their customers and provide guidance and recommendations as required.

Our overriding principle is one of “impact” – too many organizations acquire great amounts of training, but lack of application produces minimal positive impact on the organization. Training becomes an expense, not an investment. AQI works to ensure that training is applicable, and those certified by our organization have proven their ability to implement what they learn and produce positive results.















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